20. How and why I am changing myself!

I barely recognise myself. Sometimes I catch a glimpse in the mirror and I see an unfamiliar sight staring back at me. I catch a look at my bald head and my skinny alien like body and I think, woah, I have cancer! I have now turned into that image of what cancer looks like.… Continue reading 20. How and why I am changing myself!


13. The plan in Istanbul, where the money is going and my incredible community.

Hectic few days here in Strokestown, it’s all so last minute. I’ll be able to catch my breath once we get on the plane! Packing up the last few bits this morning. Had a lovely day yesterday seeing family and friends. More of the same today, so many people want to come wave us off.… Continue reading 13. The plan in Istanbul, where the money is going and my incredible community.

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10. Scan time…

This one is short and eh, not so sweet kind of rant... It’s scan time and I’m waiting on results of a CT I had in Dublin yesterday. That means anxiety, worry, doubt, fear... It’s the time where I distrust myself and my choices the most and the ice queen's words swirl around my head…… Continue reading 10. Scan time…


9. Alternative Treatments

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since my last post. I ended up in A&E the bank holiday weekend just gone with a pain under my arm/chest area. It was on the opposite side of my body to where my tumours are but when you have cancer, every ache and pain is more cancer.… Continue reading 9. Alternative Treatments


Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

Chocolate fudge ice cream with peanut butter, maple syrup and roast peanuts. This recipe is so easy and pretty healthy considering how rich and creamy it tastes! It’s carb heavy (bananas and dates) which means its sugar heavy but… it’s all natural organic ingredients. Even though I try to keep my diet low in carbs… Continue reading Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream


7. Rants: What not to say to someone with cancer

This post is part of a new section on my blog called Rants. It is where I get to have a rant about all the things that have pissed me off on this journey. And I love a good rant, don't you? Things I will be getting off my chest... 5 year survival rates, cannabis… Continue reading 7. Rants: What not to say to someone with cancer


6. Diet: Part I – The early days

There are a lot diets out there claiming to be the best for healing cancer. And I would dabble with them all. I started with the alkaline diet, went to keto, vegan, raw, juicing, back to keto, back to alkaline. Tom gave me some really good advice which was not to get obsessed with the… Continue reading 6. Diet: Part I – The early days


5. What next: Part II

Cara rang me and told me she knew someone who had healed himself of stage 4 cancer naturally. Like me, he was given months to live, and like me, he went for the cure, chemo wasn't going to save him either. And he managed to succeed in curing himself. His certain death diagnosis was 4… Continue reading 5. What next: Part II


4. What Next?

I had a bit of an uneasiness about people hearing that I had cancer from someone else. I didn’t want any of my close friends to find out that way. I thought that would be horrible, so I took it on myself to either meet up with or phone my friends. I definitely missed out… Continue reading 4. What Next?


3. Diagnosis: Part III

I met with my friend and hair dresser Ellie Ann the following week. I told her that I might have to do chemo and we talked about losing my hair. Electric Picnic was coming up a couple of weeks later and I had decided I was going. I wasn’t ready to give up my life… Continue reading 3. Diagnosis: Part III